Hello Lovely, I'm Davina

I’m what I like to call a multidimensional, self-expressive diva.

I’m a model and photographer who specializes in sensuality and the importance of its depth conveyed through emotion & intimacy. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved the art of theatrics, and with this I find it to be a form of catharsis that I can share with the likes of others. Everything I do is with a form of purpose, it goes beyond what is seen and more so how I want to feel, and the feeling I desire to bring out of my subjects.

I’ve been playing around with a camera since the dawn of time, it wasn’t until I was eighteen that I began my own journey as a visual creative. I was primarily a fine art photographer until I discovered the power of boudoir / glamour and inevitably fell in love with this way of portraiture. My goal throughout all of this is to hold a space for people that enables them to shine, and to tap into their divinity. 

I am based out of Portland Maine, with frequent travel to Boston Massachusetts,

For further questions please email me at: davinadaras@gmail.com